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EXPLO-MINE - Exploration and Mining servicesOffer of services

Dio - Burkina Faso 1997
Dio - Burkina Faso 1997
Prospecting and exploration of gold deposits, industrial heavy minerals, precious stones and diamonds and other raw materials, in all territories of the world - specialization on subsaharan Africa (organization, control and carrying out of the field work, ore reserves calculation)
  • regional and detailed geochemical prospecting for gold including laboratory services, providing of object and data security
  • detailed exploration of deposits
  • exploration by mining
  • technology research for the purposes of the gravity treatment of primary Au ore and placers
  • prospecting and exploration of gold deposits performed with the help of own methodics, verified successfully in conditions of western Africa
  • estimation of raw material resources of the exploration licence or of selected part only

Small mining services
  • layout of appropriate technology for Au ore, industrial heavy minerals and precious stones gravity treatment
  • implementation and operation of small-scale ore-dressing plant for these raw materials

Consulting services
  • Assessment of exploratory and exploitation concepts - legislative, geological and economic criteria
  • Design of further process optimization

Gan - Burkina Faso 2002
Gan - Burkina Faso 2002
Support in organization of commercial contracts in countries of western and equatorial Africa
  • intermediation or direct provision of exploration and mining concessions in selected territories of Africa
  • provision of commercial contracts in countries of western and equatorial Africa

We offer co-operation in following areas:

  • specialists in field work with many-years experience in the control and carrying out of the prospecting in Africa and other territories of the world
  • incorporation of own Au-prospecting methodics in project of orderer. Enabling reduction of prospecting costs and current evaluation of exploration results without dependence of chemical analyses. (prospecting method EXPLO-MINE)
  • detailed exploration of ore deposits including treatment and evaluation of technology and large-volume samples at the locality
  • specialists in final report compilation and interpretation of geochemical data sets
  • mining and treatment of gold and heavy minerals including ore-dressing plant implementation and operation
  • co-operation in provision of the implementation of the whole ore-dressing plant or only of partial technological entities according to the capacity and balance sheet budget