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EXPLO-MINE - Exploration and Mining servicesCongo 2000 - 2005

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Our specialists work in Congo - Brazzaville since 2000.
Within the period of 2000-2001 they supplied the preparation of the project for construction of hydropower sources in the northwest Congo.
  • logistics and preparatory work
  • provision of basic topographic work
  • engineering geological survey and geophysical work.

Currrently we prepare the project for gold placer mining in the northwest Congo - Brazzaville.
  • projection of dressing plant
  • provision of dressing plant and logging and hauling machinery in Czech Republic
  • complete provision of project logistics in Congo-Brazzaville (licence etc.)
  • placer exploration, estimation of resources and calculation of reserves

We continuously provide part of the project for construction of small hydropower sources in the Congo - Brazzaville.

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Congo 2000 - 2001
Congo 2003 - 2005