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EXPLO-MINE - Exploration and Mining servicesGold - Methode EXPLO-MINE

Specific method of quantitative mineralogical gold analyses in alluvial and eluvial samples as well as in fresh rocks carried out in the field gravity laboratory.

Exceedingly high detection level for submicroscopic (3-5 µ) gold grains resulting in high correlation with chemical analyses of gold (R2 typically in the range of 0.8-0.9) may be considered to be the principal contribution of the method.

Typical view of the sample evaluation - relatively coarse-grained gold.
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The EXPLO-MINE method may be utilized within all stages of exploration work like the principal or supporting method of sample evaluation. Its preferential employment is in:
  • preliminary stages of mineral potential assessment in under-explored territories
  • technological research of gravity concentration of auriferous raw materials including gold loss control

Application and testing:
  • Burkina Faso (1995 - 1999) - more than 10 000 samples evaluated,
  • Sudan (2001 - 2002) - more than 2 500 samples evaluated
  • Burkina Faso (2003 - 2005) - more than 1000 samples evaluated
  • Congo-Brazzaville (2003 - 2008) - more than 2000 samples evaluated
  • Tanzania (2007) - more than 1000 samples evaluated

Mineralogical evaluation of samples
Mineralogical evaluation of samples
  • The evaluation speed and very low requirements for field lab instrumentation
  • Current sample treatment and evaluation enables operating modifications of prospecting grids and technical workings, including their extent and the depth.
  • Early delineation of promising areas, mineralized zones or gold-bearing veins makes possible prompt exclusion of unfavorable areas or false anomalies out of follow-up survey.
  • Laboratory makes part of the field camp and results of gold determination are available in several days after field sampling.
  • Mineralogical evaluation do not affect the time of preparation of all samples for chemical analyses and represents only small portion of exploration expenses.
  • Evaluation of partial sets of mineralogical analyses for gold enables considerable reduction in the number of chemical Au analyses (depending on the scale by up to 80 %).
  • Method is convenient for all the scales of prospecting (both regional and detailed).

Operative sample treatment and evaluation allow prompt and cheap verification of gold potential in both unexplored areas of all scales and known or observed indications of Au ores. Exploration stages can take their course regardless of the results of chemical analyses for Au after quantifying quality of contoured anomalies or ore bodies. Continuity of field stages is thus ahead of time against chemical analyses and their evaluation.

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