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EXPLO-MINE - Exploration and Mining servicesActivities of field laboratory

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Exploitation of advantages of this method is conditioned by the installation of the field laboratory, making possible to provide continuous service for 1-3 field geological and sampling crew.

Transport of water to field laboratory
Transport of water to field laboratory

Panning of samples in field laboratory
Panning of samples in field laboratory
  • Field laboratory staff:
    • laboratory specialist (geologist) experienced in mineralogy (EXPLO-MINE)
    • 1 semi-skilled shift foreman
    • 3-8 laboratory workers (depending on the sample type and volume)
    • 1 cook
    • 1 night watchman

Technical background: simple equipment of the gravity and mineralogical laboratory, water resource, electric power supply (from el. network or generating station, with power min. 1.5 - 2.5 kW)

Standard laboratory operations:
  • refinement (100 % -1 mm)
  • screening and grain-size analysis
  • panning or other gravity procedures (depending on the laboratory equipment)
  • weighing
  • quartation
  • magnetic separation
  • preparation of sample quarts for the further analyses (50-200 g/grain size fraction)
  • treatment of technology samples (refinement, screening, sluicing)
  • quantitative mineralogical analyses for gold
  • complementary mineralogical analyses (heavy minerals)
  • gold weighing, re-calculation of the gold content in the gravity concentrate
  • sample packing, recording and storage

Sample types and laboratory capacity:
  • sediments and laterite residue 30-70 samples/day (0.4 - 0.8 m3)
  • rock samples 30-70 samples/day (120 - 280 kg)
  • technology samples and breakup of primary ore (400 - 1 000 kg/day)
  • technology samples and samples from tailings after mining (1 - 5 tons/day)