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EXPLO-MINE - Exploration and Mining servicesServices for small mining

Our specialists elaborated and carried out high-volume regional projects on the prospecting and exploration of placer and primary deposits of gold (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sudan, Congo-Brazzaville, Guinea). They participated in prospecting of staurolite, garnet, monazite, zircon, xenotime, rutile and cassiterite placers (Czech Republic). They also successfully realized detailed exploration of several placer deposits of staurolite, garnet and precious garnet (Czech Republic, Mongolia).

Our specialists provided (exploration, technological research, pilot and operative mining and ore processing, production of gold bullion or finally concentrates and products):
  • exploration and mining of the gold placer deposit in Tanzania
  • exploration and pilot mining of the placer deposit of garnet, including final treatment and commercialization of garnet abrasive materials (Svojanov - Czech Republic)
  • opening and commercial production of precious garnet deposit including commercialization of precious stones and raw materials (Vestøev - Czech Republic)
  • exploration and technology research of several showings of placer gold (Burkina Faso)
  • exploration and small mining of primary gold deposit in N.W. Burkina Faso (exploration, technological research, exploitation and ore processing, production of gold concentrates)
  • successful pilot mining attempt of gravity extraction of gold from tailings after "artisanal exploitation" (Burkina Faso)
  • exploration and opening of the gold placer deposit in Congo (technology equipment preparation, logistics preparation)
  • exploration and mining of the gold placer deposit in Kazakhstan

Due to long-term experience in exploration and exploitation (treatment) of placers and primary gold ore we are ready to provide:
  • baseline and mining exploration of placers, including ore reserves calculation
  • sampling and treatment of technological samples and basic technology research of ore
  • proposal of optimal technology solution of gravity treatment, including economic evaluation of decision investment (cash flow).
  • provision of transportation, installation and operation of dressing plant including sources of process water and electrical set
  • provision of production of finally products in common quality standards
  • provision of routine operation of exploitation and ore treatment

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